To provide all investors a comprehensive solution that enables them to manage their portfolios, make informed trades, track their gains/losses in real-time, while maintaining compliance with their local tax authorities and regulators.

What is Wealth Protocol

The world’s first ever, comprehensive Crypto-Wealth Management application that makes investing in crypto simple, safe, and convenient – all while keeping you on the right side of the law.

With the accelerated adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies around the globe has come an ever rising Government expectation with regards to disclosing Crypto assets and reporting the gains/losses incurred on cryptocurrency transactions.

Right now, there exists a host of Crypto wallets, Crypto portfolio management apps, Crypto exchanges, etc. but not one of them gives you full visibility on the gains/losses made on your crypto investments across multiple platforms on a single dashboard.

Being tax compliant is already an overwhelming task, now add the complexity of cryptocurrency it could make it seem hopeless, especially if you are trying to tackle them from scratch. Fortunately, Wealth Wallet can help you save money and stay tax compliant. There are a variety of tax forms which may apply for your cryptocurrency tax filing depending on your tax residency as well as other factors.

Wealth wallet can automatically perform these accounting calculations for you to minimize your cryptocurrency capital gains and by utilizing tax loss harvesting transactions which allow you to realize capital losses, enable you to save on your tax bill.


Our Wealth Wallet app empowers users to track their cryptocurrency investment performances and provide detailed reporting to assist in staying tax compliant. We make it easy to help you save money by utilizing any tax loss harvesting events that occur. Keep an eye on your portfolio, no matter where you are.

The Wealth Protocol application comes with the following features:

  • 2FA verification to mitigate the chances of unauthorized access along with biometrics authentication on IOS and Android devices
  • Perform live trades and swap tokens within the app and buy crypto with fiat
  • Wealth Protocol gives you access to harness the full extent of DeFi with support for Staking, Tracking Reflections, Farming
  • Asset-wise breakup of book value, current market value, adjustable cost bases, gains/losses etc.
  • Transaction reports for every buy, sell, and transfer
  • Live charts with intuitive and detailed views
  • Analysis on major market movements, holders and volumes, market caps, historical trends, and much more
  • Contract analyzer that checks for Honeypots and Rugpulls
  • Add your contact’s wallet addresses for seamless and quick transfers
  • Track unlimited wallets
  • Set stop loss or stop limit orders to mitigate risk
  • View profit and loss reports by asset, by wallet, over customizable timeframes
  • Tax-compliant gain and loss reports for simple and fast tax-filings
  • Customizable reporting based on tax jurisdiction
  • Categorization into long-term capital gains and short-term capital gains
  • Wealth Protocol optimizes cost basis accounting methods and enables you to tax-loss harvest your portfolio to save thousands per year.
  • Tax calculations and reporting for US, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia



Buy & Sell Taxes

Contract Number




In the first phase we will launch the Wealth Protocol Website with strong community engagement and marketing programs.

– Website Launch
– Community Launch ( )
– Private Sale
– Contract Development
– Contract Audit
– Whitelist Presale, Public Presale (if required)
– Wealth Protocol Launched & Liquidity Locked
– CoinMarketCap & CoinGeko Listing
– Strategic Partnerships
– Bridge To Ethereum Network
– Wallet Development Phase 1 Complete
– Strategic Marketing Campaign
– Telegram Expansion
– Launch NFT Collection
– Staking


Wealth Protocol is focused on building an all-encompassing DeFi ecosystem - bringing a one-stop solution to you! The next quarter of development will see Wealth Protocol integrate multiple wallets and networks, creating a comprehensive and powerful solution for its users.

– Continued Marketing Campaigns
– Wallet Security Audits
– Wallet Testnet
– Wallet Mainnet Released
– Launch on Google Play Store
– Launch on Apple Store
– Wallet Development Phase 2 Complete
– Bridge to other Networks (Polygon, Fantom, Solana…)
– Exchange Listings
– Wallet Development Phase 3
– Wallet Development Phase 4



The next phase of building Wealth Protocol is the creation of the Wealth Protocol application on Android and iOS - bringing the power of Wealth Protocol to the palms of its users. The same comprehensive solution - delivered through a beautiful and powerful application.

– Continued Marketing Campaigns
– Add upgraded reporting features (By Tax Jurisdiction)
– Start Blockchain Development


CEX/DEX Development to Come....


Our Team TEAM

Yashar and Tarek, both have a passion for crypto and backgrounds in accounting as well as tax compliance. As Crypto enthusiasts and investors themselves, they had a vision of creating a platform that would educate investors regarding their own crypto investments by providing detailed analytical information of their portfolios at the same time simplifying the process of being tax compliant with respect to crypto investments and the result is Wealth Protocol.

Yashar Mozifian
Co-Founder, CEO
Tarek Agha
Co-Founder & COO


Frequently asked questions FAQS

Q1: What kind of Contract do you have and has it been audited?

It is a variable tax rate contract and has had a full audit by Techrate.

Q2: How much liquidity was provided on launch?

70% of pre-sale (150HC) was provided to liquidity for launch.

Q3: Is there a fee to use the platform and what is the token utility?

The token will be used in order to retrieve tax reporting forms. We will be utilizing some of the existing API‘s from top trusted providers in the industry for the tax reporting. The token will be used on a hybrid system to gain access to the 2nd and 3rd tier levels of our ecosystem. If a user requires reporting on additional transactions above and beyond what is allowed in that tier they will have an option to pay for extra transactions through Fiat.

Q4: Is the utility ready?

The utility of our wallet is in development and it will be completed in four phases. Our white paper details the road map for the utility development. Our NFTs are complete and will come with 2 utilities. The first one being a 5% royalties to be redistributed amongst all holders of the NFTs. The second will provide access to our ecosystem Tier level based on the rarities of the NFT. Our Staking platform is currently in development and will provide staking for NFTs and our native token.

Q5: Will you be able to prevent dusting?

We are aware of the issue with dusting and will be integrating an API at an ecosystem level, which will be able to prevent some dusting based on the risk factor rating of tokens from a database.

Q6: Is stop loss and by order functionality going to be available?

We are currently working with developers to implement this into the wallet. This is a little more tricky since we are not a centralized exchange, we are working with developers for a workaround to liquidity issues that it presents, and are confident it can
be done.


Do you have any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.